B525 ITFV TEST RIGS (Integrated three function Valves)

DATE: 02-03-2015

Comar provided a solution for PAT Testing the integrated three function valves on B525 and AW609

Helicopters. The test rig solution included hydraulic controls and instrumentation and integration into the control system to make a quick efficient method of testing the units. Comar had previously built the full actuator test rigs for B525 to which the valves were attached so we were in a perfect position to understand the functionality of the valves and the most ergonomic and efficient way of testing. We introduced a new LED lighting system which was very successful and now a standard in most Comar rigs. When the system was live and active we had the testing area illuminated with red LED’s to show and warn none users that the rig was in operation and testing. Once safe and not testing the test area was illuminated in green light. A simple idea but adds to the Comar outstanding HSE compliant solutions.