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A hydraulic cylinder converts the energy stored in the hydraulic fluid into a force used to move the cylinder in a linear direction.


There are two main classifications of cylinders according to function : Single Acting And Double Acting. In single acting cylinders the fluid is pressurized from only one side of the cylinder during both the expansion as well as the retraction process.


A spring or an external load is used to return the cylinder top to its original position i.e. when pressure of the fluid is cut off. In the double acting cylinders, the pressure from the fluid is applied in both the directions. Single cylinders that consist of springs are not used in large stroke applications because there are inherent mechanical problems associated with the spring. The double acting rods could be of two types: Single rod ended or Double rod ended  .


There are 4 types of actuators specifications Plunger Cylinder, Telescopic Cylinders, Cable Cylinders & Diaphragm Cylinders. When specifying a cylinder specifications that need to be considered are : Bore Diameter, Maximum operating Pressure, Rod Diameter, Stroke, Fluid/Medium And Type of Cylinder.

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