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Aerospace Testing Adaptors

Everyday, engineers are confronted with a test where the relevant adaptor required to connect the testing apparatus to the engine is not available, so the problem may be resolved by making the connection with a multitude of adaptors, and in many cases expensive flight parts, multiplying the possibility of galling the thread on the engine, and having an expensive adaptation or too many adaptors and an unacceptable amount of leak points..


Comar engineering are highly regarded as a supplier to the Aerospace Industry, for 316 Stainless steel ground based adaptors for testing applications, whether from our stock range or manufactured to our clients specifications.

The Aerospace Standards

Here at Comar we pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible. Manufacturing a commercial testing adaptor to the correct standard is crucial so that it is identical to the flight part it is mating with. Comar supply adaptors conforming to all Aerospace standards.


The list adjacent shows an example of the more popular:-

Made to Order

Comar supply and manufacture adaptors conforming to all Aerospace standards so you can be assured that any aerospace adaptor will meet your requirements.


Small batches, even one item. Or larger batches of 1000+ items.

  • AS.33514 - 24° internal cone, External thread, Flareless type
  • EN.6123 - 24° internal cone, External thread, Flareless type
  • Extra Fine thread pitch NAS1760 - Flareless Acorn fitting
  • AS4207 - External Thread, Beam Seal male
  • AS4209 - Internal Thread, Beam Seal swivel female
  • AS4395 - External Thread, 37° Flared
  • AS4375 - 24° internal cone, External thread, Flareless type
  • BS5200 - BSP 60° cone seat & 'O' Ring FItting
  • J514 - 37° Flared JIC fitting

    And many more...

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