The Irkut MC-21  is a  Russian mid range, twin engine passenger aircraft .

UTC Aerospace  will provide a fully integrated high lift flap and slat system for the aircraft, with Comar providing a test rig for the Flap Actuators allowing for quick and easy testing for production testing (PAT) , mechanical fatigue and testing over temperature.

The Flap Actuator typically consists of an input drive shaft and down drive gear train providing a reduction ratio and a torque limiter mechanism, which transmits drive from the flap transmission shafting through a rotary actuator to the flap operating mechanism. 

The test rig allows for a number of actuators with differing drive geometry to be located on the rig , the input drive is simulated for speed and torque via a hydraulic servo motor and the output profiled load is applied via a closed loop servo controlled hydraulic actuator . Comar have supplied the total package simulating aircraft mounting , kinematics, loading and environmental conditions ,  including the integrated electronic control system .