4 Way Compact

Compact Spool Valves

Valves :

  • Inline or manifold mount: flexible, efficient.
  • Balanced spool construction allows ports to be plugged for 2 way or 3 way function, or restricted for inexpensive cylinder exhaust speed control.
  • Wide variety of options and operators available.
  • Specific application needs? Consult Comar.


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Tapered Tee-Seal.......Eats Dirt


Bidirectional tapered Tee-Seal eliminates sticking problems.

  • Flexes to clean spool
  • Mechanically Locked
  • No Spiral Twist
  • No Extrusion
  • Air Line Sediment is Wiped Away.


Tested tough and proven reliable according to SAE specifications:

Rust and water injected every 864,000 cycles for 20 million cycles.

Solednoid... Guaranteed Against Burnout

  • Three-way pilot uses full airline pressure to shift the valve.
  • Pilot is internally supplied when the pressure at port one is 35 to 150 PSIG (240 to 1030 kPa).
  • Coil is hermetically sealed as an integral watertight moulded unit.
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof versions available.
  • Push Non-Locking Override is standard. (Extended Turn and Turn-Locking available)


Products Certified To :

  • CSA - (C22.2 and UL STD 429)
  • Factory Mutual - Explosion Proof Environments
  • ATEX - Explosion Proof Environments
  • CE - EMF and Low Voltage Directives
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